Industry Issues Library

The Industry Issues Library contains information about important subjects affecting the rental housing industry and how you manage your rental property.

  Each issue in the library includes:
• A brief overview of the issue.
• Recommended articles and other documents that
  provide additional information.
• Recommended CAA forms related to the issue.
• Recommended training provided by RHA.




List of issues:
[+] Barbeques at Apartment Communities
[+] California Use Tax
[+] Carbon Monoxide Detectors  
[+] Census Workers and Rental Housing
[+] Companion Animals
[+] County of Sacramento Rental Inspection Program
[+] Criminal Background Checks
[+] Disability Discrimination

[+] Domestic Violence

[+] Entry by Owner
[+] EPA Lead-Based Renovation, Repair and Painting Regulation
[+] Fair Housing
[+] Family Day Care
[+] Foreclosures
[+] Franchise Tax Board Nonresident Withholding
[+] Guests at Rental Properties
[+] Hoarding
[+] Independent Contractors 
[+] Late Fees
[+] Legal Notices

[+] Local Sign Ordinances
[+] Locks: Doors and Windows
[+] Mandatory Rental Inspections Perfomed by Local Government
[+] Multifamily Recycling Ordinance
[+] Occupancy Guidelines

[+] Pets
[+] Preventive Inspection Program
[+] Security Deposits
[+] Tobacco Smoking at Rental Properties


Legal Disclaimer
The information presented in this Industry Issues Library is believed to be accurate and complete.  However, it is not intended to be a substitute for any legal, accounting or other professional advice.  Any questions regarding specific factual circumstances should be addressed to legal, accounting or other professional.  The Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley is not responsible for any errors or omissions, nor any misinterpretation or misapplication by others.

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